Magical places to swim near Tulum, Mexico

Adventure Times Staff

There are over 4,000 registered cenotes in the Yucatan. Cenotes are magical underwater swimming holes and caves. They are absolutely mind blowing. During our visit we compiled a list of some of our favorites. We rented a car for our Mexico trip and it ended up working perfectly. We were able to go from spot to spot without wasting any time.

Ik Kil

Ik Kil is one of the most magical natural caves in the Yucatán. The hole is 90 feet deep, surrounded by tropical vegetation and light beaming from the top allowing you to see the blue and green tones in its waters. It's probably the the most popular Cenote so expect it to have alot more people than any other swimming hole. Make sure to get there early if you want to avoid heavy crowds. It's a long drive from Tulum but only a 5 min drive from Chichen Itza if you're planning on visiting the ancient Mayan ruins and makes for a nice cool off after being out in the sun.

Ik Kil cenote is open from 8 am to 5 pm every day, with an entry fee of $70 pesos

Photo: @andreamontoya - Andrea Montoya

Photo: @tuulavintage - Jessica Stein

What to bring


Water shoes or at least some kind of shoe for hiking between cenotes 

Waterproof camera 

Money for entrance fee and also if you want to get drinks or food 

Swim gear if you want your own

Cenote Casa Tortuga

Cenote Casa Tortuga was only a couple miles from our airbnb in Tulum and ended up being one of the most fun day spots to swim. Perhaps our favorite. The first two Cenotes you go through are underground with really cool caves. One is quite deep - 40 ft. This is all done with a life jacket and a guide. The last cenote is so refreshing and peaceful. It loops around and you get a chance to float through emerald aqua water or jump off rocks

The cost was $350 pesos per person which included the guide. After swimming there is a small cafe where you can grab some food and beer.

Photo: @gatlyngun - Josiah Gatlyn

Sac Actun Caves

Underground cave swimming with beautiful stalactite formations and bats flying around as you swim. It is pitch dark therefore the guide will have a flashlight has he guides you through to see it’s true beauty. I still cannot believe that I was underground with bats and cool water when it was a blazing 104 degrees outside. This place is beautiful and worth it.

Cenote Calavera

This one is a stunning little hidden gem. Not as populated as other cenotes and a short bike ride from Tulum. It has multiple holes you can jump from or you can use the ladder as well. This was our first cenote that we hit up in the morning. If you're looking for something a little less crowded and aren't afraid of jumping in, this one is for you ;)

Photo: @gatlyngun - Josiah Gatlyn

Photo @andreamontoya - Andrea Montoya